About Marshall's Lawn & Landscaping
My name is Aaron Marshall and I am the owner/manager of Marshall's Lawn and Landscape.  My
business began as a small mowing service and has since grown to offer a wide variety of lawn and
landscape services.  

Growing up, I worked alongside my father, who is a professional and skilled electrician.  My father did
not try to persuade his sons to follow him in
his profession, but rather instilled in us a strong work
ethic that would enable us to learn and excel in the profession of our choice.  As I was growing up, I
was surrounded by projects of every different kind.  My father built our house, a sawmill, several
outbuildings, and is currently constructing a timberframe building.  Whether it was building,
construction, concrete work, carpentry,  electric installation, or lawn care, I was taught to work hard,
give the job my best effort, and never leave a job unfinished.  These simple, yet vitally important
qualities form the foundation of our landscape business.
Marshall's Lawn & Landscape is based on the principles of hard
work combined with a sincere interest in remaining flexible so that we might be able to  
meet and exceed our client's expections.  It is our goal to provide beautiful landscapes
for each individual client that fit both their expectations and their budgets.  We strive to do
each job according to the specific needs and requests of the client, while endeavoring to
provide attention to detail and the highest level of workmanship.